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Bench Jumps

"Keri is amazing - each session is different and challenging! She puts a huge amount of effort into personalizing your workout to get the results you are after. I highly recommend Keri and Dynamic Body Fitness!"

Alexis Arenas


Walking lunges with bicep curls

"I  am so happy working with Keri. She has been so patient yet so strong with me. If not for her, I don't know I would lost the weight that I have so far. I would absolutely refer her to other people and I am looking forward in continuing working with her."

Mary Williams
Ovehead Press

"I have been working with Keri since 2016 . She comes up with different workouts each week that keep me coming back for more. I appreciate how she shows you modified workouts depending on your ability. I wouldn't normally push myself this hard without this class."

Molly Schappel
Squats high row

"Keri has been providing great personal fitness classes at my school for several years. Each workout targets different muscle groups and there is a lot of variety. She provides excellent one on one attention to help you reach your fitness goals. Signs of a great workout are felt the next day."

Joel Baldwin
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